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The Intergenerational Challenge

“Differences are Not Difficulties”

Today's world is different. This can present your organization with a challenge or a chore - the choice is yours. What can we do encourage intergenerational understanding? Have we joined the "I" generation? Are we isolated, insulated, independent, individualized and sometimes even indifferent? Do we pre-judge and get set in our ways?

What about the new generations? What motivates younger people to work with us? Is the new era difficult - or just diverse in ways of thinking and doing?

Working together works when we work at it! Diversity builds the strength we need. Understanding differences can lead to enhanced decision making and informed processes. Celebrating differences will bring excitement and energy to the work we do.

Some Interesting Demographics
  • We now have more people living to be 100 years old than we have ever had.
  • The largest generation in Canada continues to be the baby boomers.
  • There are more “only” children in the generation X group than any other generation.
  • Baby boomers have more credit cards per person than any other generation.
  • Gamers (gen Y) were introduced to technology by the age of 5 or 6.
  • Extremers and extremers plus are introduced to computers before they reach their first birthday.
  • The largest number of participants in computer learning classes today are matures and veterans.
  • Generation “why” are the first generation to not have a land line for a phone or even want one.