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The Robcan Group 31 Meridian Road Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada T8A-0N5

Phone: (780)-467-4112 Email: admin@robcan.ca Website: www.robcan.ca

A New Book from Brenda & Harley

Brenda and Harley combine over fifty years experience in professional writing, training, and consulting. It is their belief that good business writing is a communication skill, not a writing skill. They have collaborated to write this book to give people a guideline to do exactly that – communicate through writing.

Writing for the world of work is a communication skill not a writing skill. Writing at work today is our way of communicating – we email more than we converse. Our writing now “speaks” for us. Technology has not changed the need for effective writing skills at work. Indeed, there may actually be an increased demand for good writers as we embrace the world of emails, electronic reporting, instant messaging and ………

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The Robcan Group
31 Meridian Road
Sherwood Park, Alberta
Phone: (780)-467-4112
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