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The Robcan Group 31 Meridian Road Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada T8A-0N5

Phone: (780)-467-4112 Email: admin@robcan.ca Website: www.robcan.ca

Business Writing - Get the Results!

Learn to write for business with a dynamic, positive, productive approach.

Some of our common topics include:

1. Ways to get a readers attention and ways to keep them reading.
2. Skills to help you spend less time writing and more time communicating.
3. A writing style, which motivates and persuades your reader to take action and/or make decisions.
4. The 5 "C" formula for writing: clear, concise, complete, correct and courteous.
5. Ways to become an active writer - avoid the boring, awkward, passive style.
6. Methods for updating your writing style in keeping with the era of technology.
7. Ways to assess the impact of words - the top 25 words to avoid and the top 25 words to emphasize.
8. The "KISSS" method for effective writing - short, simple and specific.
9. Methods to enhance the approval rate of your proposals for funding.
10. An understanding of the objective style of writing - clarifying facts and opinions.
11. A powerful writing style which gets attention and helps people remember your message.
12. Approaches to increase the creativity of your written communication.
13. Ways to say "no" or give a negative message without offending or creating a poor image for yourself and / or your company.
14. Use a readability style, which includes the necessary technical data, numbers, legalities and statistics in a "plain language" approach.
15. Avoid common flaws and habits in writing.

Browse some of our Outline Titles for a better understanding of what we can offer you.

Write for the Web
Basic Writing for Work
Writing Skills for the Workplace
New Approaches to Communicating Through Writing
Writing In Plain Language
Writing Proposals for Funding
Writing Skills for Influence
Written Communications

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