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Communication Styles for Adults
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The Game - Thriving on Chaos and Stress

The Robcan Group 31 Meridian Road Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada T8A-0N5

Phone: (780)-467-4112 Email: robcan.mail@shaw.ca Website: www.robcan.ca

Today's world is different. This can present your organization with a challenge or a chore - the choice is yours. What can we do encourage intergenerational involvement? Have we joined the "I" generation? Are we isolated, insulated, independent, individualized and sometimes even indifferent?

What about the new generations? What motivates younger people to join in the work we do? What can we do to maintain the energy, enthusiasm, enjoyment and excitement of our group? Is the new era difficult - or just diverse in ways of thinking and doing?

Working together works when we work at it!

Browse some of our Outline Titles for a better understanding of what we can offer you.

The Intergenerational Workplace

Try our Intergenerational Memory Test
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