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The Robcan Group 31 Meridian Road Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada T8A-0N5

Phone: (780)-467-4112 Email: admin@robcan.ca Website: www.robcan.ca

"You wouldn't believe what she said…"

"I can't believe the way some people behave…"

"You should have heard him after that…"

"I've never experienced anything like it …"

"It wouldn't have mattered what we did, we couldn't have pleased her…"

Why are some people so difficult? Why do we end up making statements like these about our day-to-day dealings with people? Are we ever difficult ourselves?

Take a practical look at improving your skills and your attitude with difficult people. Enhance your ability to deal with difficult people with techniques such as: fogging, tentative agreement, giving space, buying time, pertinent, positive questioning, empathy, moving ahead, ending stalemates and turning the cards. Discover the power of action vs. reaction, workable compromise, balancing control, key word emphasis and trigger word power.

Browse some of our Outline Titles for a better understanding of what we can offer you.

Dealing With Difficult People
Dealing With The Very Difficult People

Books & Audio
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