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The Robcan Group 31 Meridian Road Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada T8A-0N5

Phone: (780)-467-4112 Email: admin@robcan.ca Website: www.robcan.ca

How did it become us and them? When did we start to read our customers minds? When did "business like" become cold and formal?

Customer focused quality service is a new idea about working with and responding to the customer. The customer is now the centre of the service circle. Every decision is made with the customer in mind. If it isn't good for the customer we can't do it. If it doesn't meet customer needs, we have to change. If the customer doesn't like what we're doing, we have to stop doing it.

Customer focused means exactly that - focus on the customer.

Quality means the best we have to offer in meeting customer needs and wants.

What are the skills required? Learn more about personalization, pertinent questioning, updated approaches, knowledge based service, service based on rapport and respect and the importance of laugher, humour and fun! Service sells - work at it!

Browse some of our Outline Titles for a better understanding of what we can offer you.

Customer Focused Quality Service
Excellence In Customer Service
Quality Service - Is The Customer Always Right?
Working Wth the Public
Working Effectively and Positively on the Front Line

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