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The Robcan Group 31 Meridian Road Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada T8A-0N5

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I. Meeting the Challenge - Getting Along with Others.

A. A personal approach.
B. A work approach.
C. A community approach.
D. Teamwork - a challenge at home, at work and in your community.
E. Relationship development through communication.

II. Interpersonal Skills for Motivation.

A. Sources of motivation.
B. Motivating yourself.
C. Motivating others.
D. The importance of motivation.
E. A common understanding of content and meaning.

III. Understanding the Difficult Person.

A. The nature of emotions.
B. What is it?
C. Why it occurs.
D. The power of anger.
E. Perceptions and misunderstandings.

IV. Responding to Difficult People.

A. Fight or flight reactions.
B. What's in between?
C. Anger - a contagious disease.
D. Achieving results.

V. No-Win, No-Lose Resolution Skills.

A. Fogging.
B. Questioning techniques.
C. Empathy.
D. Self-disclosure.
E. Free information.

VI. Working With Different Leaders.

A. Leadership style.
B. Adaptability and flexibility.
C. Dealing with delegation:

D. Conversation skills.

VII. Communication - A Skill.

A. Positive communications.
B. Situational communications.
C. Active listening.
D. Problem solving.
E. Respecting the other person's point of view.
F. Argue for results.
G. Making the most of communicating.

VIII. The Power of Positive Communications.

A. Choosing words carefully.
B. Learning to listen.
C. Persuasive words.
D. The power of silence.
E. Non-verbal communications.

IX. Action vs. Reaction.

A. Timing.
B. Putting it together.
C. Closure.

X. Working Together - Synergy.

A. Being open to new ideas.
B. Measuring the pros and cons.
C. Overcoming first impressions.
D. Moving ahead with communications.
E. Discussion - the key to communicating for results.




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