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The Robcan Group 31 Meridian Road Sherwood Park, Alberta Canada T8A-0N5

Phone: (780)-467-4112 Email: Website:

To provide excellent training and development services to business, industry, government and communities.

To always provide quality trainers, speakers, mediators, consultants, researchers, developers and materials which are responsive, adaptable and flexible in meeting and addressing client needs in the training and development area.

  • To continue to update and enhance training curriculum and materials.
  • To maintain a proactive approach to addressing changing workplaces and trends in the world of work.
  • To research resources to support community development programs and events.
  • To research sources of funding, sponsorship and support for training events and conferences.
  • To provide workplace writing services including report writing, website development, editing, proofreading, policy and procedure writing, safety and instructional manuals and updating of templates for form letters.
  • To provide facilitation services for strategic planning, developmental of mission, vision, goals and objectives, development of team charters and working agreements.
  • To provide training facilitators, conference speakers and mediators who are well prepared and who present an interesting, informative, interactive presentation in enjoyable ways.
  • To provide training supports, published materials and documentation which is informative, interesting and enjoyable.
  • To provide consulting services to community groups and community leadership to support planning, program development and fundraising efforts for community enhancement.
  • To provide facilitation services for meetings and discussion forums including the services of a chairperson and parliamentarian for meeting procedure.
  • To develop and deliver organization and/or group specific training curriculum.
  • To provide coaching and mentoring services for leaders, managers and employees who find themselves in challenging or difficult situations.
  • We are a collaborative group that builds on the job satisfaction and current skills of the participants in a timely manner. When The Robcan Group works for you we become actively involved in your organization, listening to your needs and responding to them with the most updated knowledge. We develop programming and workshops that encourage, energize and celebrate each learning opportunity.

    The Robcan Group can provide training services ranging from a one day workshop to a one year program. We will work with an existing curriculum or design and develop a curriculum to address your specific needs. Our training philosophy includes the following components:

    We create a positive, constructive training and learning environment.

    The Robcan Group will complete a full funding search. We will complete internet research, comprehensive review of all available funding and documentation of funding services for future use. We will create a data base of potential funders, contact the key people in each funding agency and clarify the criteria for each funder. We will write proposals, negotiate funding contracts and write the follow up reports. We take pride in our creativity, persistence and perseverance � the key components of a successful funding search.

    The needs of companies and organizations are not always easy to articulate. The Robcan Group will observe, review, assess, evaluate, monitor and analyze your work environment. We will determine the work needs, training needs and capacity of your group. We will prepare a comprehensive needs analysis report outlining the recommended actions to address these needs.

    The Robcan Group will design, develop and deliver program curriculums specific to the need of each client group. We will include objectives, activities, resources, references and methods of testing and evaluating. Each curriculum will be learner directed, learner responsive and adaptable to changing needs and questions. We will ensure a curriculum which is fast paced, dynamic and inclusive of options, choices and alternatives for presentation and delivery.

    The Robcan Group will provide comprehensive management reviews. We will look at the existing management approach and activities and make recommendations for increased efficiency and effectiveness. We will review policies, procedures and processes and advise on fine tuning for development growth and change. We will recommend new approaches, revised strategies and revamped processes to enhance the outcomes of the work being carried out by the group.

    The Robcan Group will support managers and organizations to develop contracts and negotiate agreements with partners, mutual aid agencies and outside contractors. In an area of increased contract service provision, it is important to be able to negotiate mutually agreeable contracts. Clarity and understanding are the basis of the contract negotiation approach.

    The Robcan Group will observe, interview, evaluate and document the activities in an organization to develop a comprehensive review. From this review, we will facilitate in the organization a development approach to determine �what�s next�. We will support the organization in validating progress and success, planning strategically to positive progress, managing risk and choosing optional activities and maintaining a highly motivational workplace.

    The Robcan Group can provide consulting services for First Nation communities including:

    The Robcan Group
    31 Meridian Road
    Sherwood Park, Alberta

    Phone: (780)-467-4112
    Fax: (780)-464-1876

    Email: /


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