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By: Brenda Robinson

We are living and working in a very busy world. Indeed we continue to pick up the pace, do more with less, expect increasing outcomes and demand more from everyone. People say there is no slow time, very little time to reflect and no period for catch up. We hear ongoing complaints:

When did being busy become something to complain about? Anyone who has ever had a job where they were not busy enough reports it was a terrible experience. Retired and elderly people talk about their efforts to stay busy. As soon as children aren�t busy, they whine �I�m bored�, or �there�s nothing to do.�

There was an age old wise saying, �Busy hands are happy hands.� Could it still be true today? Can we learn to celebrate being busy?

Can being busy be an affirmation of how needed and important our roles are? Can we actually challenge the perception of being busy � see it in a positive light?

Let�s look at some of the advantages of being busy:

  1. Feeling of accomplishment � take time to evaluate your successes and measure your results. Busy people get a lot done. In fact, many people believe that if you want something done, you should give it to a busy person.
  2. Constant Stimulation � busy people are seldom bored. In fact, most busy people move more quickly from one task to another in order to reap the benefits of time well spent.
  3. Enhanced flexibility and adaptability � busy people have less time to develop inflexible routines or become set in their ways. The need to respond can only be met with flexibility and adaptability.
  4. Forced innovation and creativity � people who are busy are constantly on the outlook for �new ways�, �new approaches� and �new methods.� This often contributes to an innovative work environment.
  5. Enhanced efficiencies � busy people are more likely to search for, find and implement ways to get things done.
  6. Better setting of priorities � the nature of being bust is that we may not get everything done. Therefore, we have to set priorities and ensure that we get the important things done. Busy people try to get the right people to do the right things in the right way at the right time.
  7. Less time to fret and worry � busy people seldom invest energy in worry, fretting or stewing about things. Part of being busy is wanting and needing things to be positive and progressive..
  8. Feeling included � busy people have a strong sense of being needed and belonging to the workgroup. Teamwork is often better in an environment where people are busy. They offer and accept help with their workloads and responsibilities.

�I�m wonderfully busy � I hope you are too!"




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